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General constantine Chiwenga is now to be a successor of Robert Mugabe



The development has raised fears of an army installed successor possibly by early 2014.

Nehanda Radio has it on good authority from informed army sources and personnel, that Chiwenga and his coterie from the military junta, now clearly the real power behind the curtain reducing ailing Mugabe to a figurehead, are not “taking any chances” with the octogenarian’s failing health.

They are already mapping a post-Mugabe administration annointed by State security securocrats.

“Chiwenga has seized the role and office of Commander-in-Chief of The Zimbabwe Defence Forces and this is a development now known to all soldiers in the military,” a senior officer with the One Commando Regiment based at Harare’s Cranborne barracks said.

“This is the most powerful position in Zimbabwe, because the bearer of that office, has the exclusive right to unilaterally declare war on ‘enemies of the state’ and this could mean anyone.

“Zim 2 (as Chiwenga is affectionately known in army circles) is now perfoming the role of Commander-in-Chief ahead of Mugabe, the old man has become practically incapacitated to be effective in this demanding post, although he remains as such only on paper,” the source said.

The dubious closet confederacy aligned to Chiwenga, our army sources said include:

Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri, Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zanu PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo, Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) boss Happyton Bonyongwe, Central Bank governor Gideon Gono , former 3rd brigade commander Brigadier-General Douglas Nyikayaramba-now promoted to Major General and Retired Air Force Vice Air Marshal Henry Muchena.

Moyo is believed to be supporting Chiwenga, for convenience and protection sake, but will only give his allegiance to the eventual winning faction in Zanu PF, that manages to replace Mugabe. Nyikayaramba on the other hand, previously presided over a brigade, which controls the lucrative Marange diamond fields.

The diamonds have provided a life-line to Zanu PF, and are also thought to be funding the secretive parallel government run by Chiwenga, to the tune of billions of dollars that have been embezzled from mining proceeds meant to feed into the fiscus of Harare’s recuperating economy.

A parliamentary report has since revealed that, some US$2billion diamond cash is missing, on the back of suspicion it has been pocketed by the army.

“Mugabe himself has given Chiwenga the green light to run the country, insofar as military affairs are concerned,” said another senior army officer.

“All state security ministries, which are the nucleus of power, are now reporting directly to Chiwenga and his command team. These include defence, home affairs and the secret service which happen to be an entity on its own operating as a special branch of the president’s office.

“The mines ministry is the only non-security related ministry also reporting to Chiwenga, due to the diamond factor. The discovery of diamonds in Marange could be a curse because the military budget is going to be funded by diamonds.”

Mugabe last year extended by another year, Chiwenga’s term of office, together with that of close ally Chihuri. After Mugabe got a whalloping at the hands of the MDC, during the 2008 presidential elections, Chiwenga reportedly barred him from stepping down.

The army general gave him two options, and that is either allowing the military to takeover or that he is put back into power, in a second-runoff where the army literally ran his campaign using violence. Mugabe opted for the latter.

There is an array of indications, showing Chiwenga’s seizure of executive authority, via the backdoor sources said.

“This man together with Mnangagwa, whom Chiwenga wants to be president, while he remains army boss, is unilaterally deploying soldiers to the DRC and Mozambique to protect personal business interests, disguised as national interests.

“Further more he now summons other security chiefs, giving them orders instead of Mugabe. A case in point is the recent Independence Day celebrations, where he held a private meeting with security chiefs advising them not to read too much into Mugabe’s Independence speech, which sounded reconciliatory to the MDC as it shunned national violence in the pending polls.”

Chiwenga has also in recent days torn Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai into pieces, calling him a “psychiatric patient” who requires the attention of a “competent psychiatric expert”, for claiming that the MDC was involved in talks, with security chefs ahead of the watershed presidential elections anytime from now.

Chiwenga’s attacks on the PM have been the most vile by any high ranking government official in recent times, itself an indication of his growing political muscles observers say.

The army general has been castigated as a “political general” with “little practical military experience or expertise”, by two serving army generals, brigadier general Herbert Chigono and major general Fidelis Satuku in private meetings they held with US Ambassador Charles Ray between January 5 and 6, 2010 according to whistleblower website Wikileaks but that has not stopped him from being Mugabe choice.


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